Sprint Preparation

Application Requirements

1. Must know Python

2. Must have some knowledge and experience using scikit-learn, the Python machine learning library

3. It is helpful to have some experience with Git

Preparation Work (* required *)

1. Watch videos on this playlist: scikit-learn Sprint Contributing Instructions (1 hour, 10 minutes)

2. Read the scikit-learn Contributing documentation (30-minute read)

3. Review scikit-learn open issues

4. Must have a GitHub account

5. Gitter

    • Gitter is an open source instant messaging and chat room system for developers and users of GitHub repositories.

    • Join gitter.im/scikit-learn/sprint (use GitHub ID to sign in )

6. Review Git (Git Resources)

7. One of the below text editors should be installed:

    • Visual Studio Code (VSC)

    • Sublime Text

    • Atom

    • OR other preferred editor

8. Python installed via Anaconda. (Anaconda includes Jupyter Notebook)

Preparation Work (optional)

Git Tutorial

Sprint Day

Pair Programming

The plan is to work in pairs. The goal is that each participant will be able to resolve one trivial fix and one actual fix.

Good pair programming depends on both people being pretty decent (and patient) communicators, which can take time to develop, and is especially hard when people are in a hurry.


  • the pair (both people) should be talking to one another basically constantly

  • to commit to only one person typing (don't switch very often)

  • for pairs where the two people have different experience levels, the less experienced person should be typing.

More tips: Pair Programming Guide

Environment Set-up

We will setup using conda virtual environments.